Resources That Help Build Success!

Business Development Capture Lifecycle, A Must To Win!

Business development, building a high probability WIN cycle, a mind map.

Every business opportunity needs to be qualified and aligned to core competencies of a company, and if its a "go", the pursuit needs a plan to WIN! 

On Financial Pricing and Cost Mitigation Strategies


Learn about DCAA's mission, services, and value to the warfighter and taxpayer with the Strategic Plan, Year in Review, and Report to Congress.  One of the biggest secret to business success is knowing how to set prices. ... Optimal pricing plays a pivotal role in achieving profitable growth!

Diversity Business Certifications in the Commercial Sector


Any supplier can classify itself as diverse, claiming that at least 51 percent of ownership is by an individual (or multiple people) of a diverse background. However...

Are Your Proposals Built to Win or to Lose?


The APMP Body of Knowledge represents the collected wisdom of the world’s leading professionals in proposal, bid, and opportunity management and business development. 

Do you Build Integrity Into Your Project Delivery Process?

Ethics is at the core of reliability, and uprightness, it's the act of delivering on promises made.

Integrity is the trait of truthfulness, reliability, and uprightness. It is the act of living up to one's word and delivering on promises made. 

Are You Familiar with B-Corps & its Certification Aspirations?

You cast your vote every day with the choices you make, what you buy, and who you do business with..

Using businesses as a force for good. Purpose-Driven. Sustainable. Responsible. Honest. Communal. Ethical. Nobel idea!